Discover the best Catalan cuisine and visit the most famous Restaurants with a Taxi Barcelona MR

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Catalonia is famous in the world in order to have the best cuisine and the most recently awarded cooks of the international and modern cuisine, if you want enjoy those moments of pleasure with the Catalan gastronomy, you’ll need a Taxi Barcelona to get a safe and easy trip.

No matter if you like the Catalan Nouveau Cuisine or not, cooking, speaking of cooking styles and visit restaurants have become a new religion in this country, to get the best places and restaurants is needed to go by a Barcelona Taxi.

Let’s talk about the art of food…

I you have good contacts and a full day to devote to your selection must be El Bulli, one of the most renowned restaurants in the world, led by Ferran Adria, “the best chef in the world,” according to The New York Times.

Unfortunately Ferran Adria has recently announced that the restaurant will be closed for two years to invest in R & D when it is fully booked for the rest of the season.

Barcelona is one of the centres ‘new’ new cuisine, and has dozens of restaurants awarded Michelin stars.

One classic is the Drolma, governed by Fermi Puig, at the Hotel Majestic, with a magnificent balcony on Passeig de Gracia.

Among the hottest is Arola (by Sergi Arola), the Olympic Village.

And for traditional Catalan food …

The 4 Cats in Art Nouveau style, is another classic.

This is a short list but a good restaurant can be reached easily and taxi drivers can get you there and assist you in find some of good ones. We recommend using this service: Taxi Barcelona MR, they speak English and another four languages and they are very good helping people discovering good places to go and enjoy the best food in Barcelona.

Changing our goals in a holiday time, maybe you’ll like sports…

Barcelona has a long sporting tradition and organized the successful 1992 Summer Olympics, and several matches during the FIFA World Cup 1982. FC Barcelona is a sports club best known worldwide for its football team, one of the largest in Europe, four times winner of the UEFA Champions League.

Legendary players such as Kubala, Cruyff, Johann, Maradona, Romario and Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and the last one (and maybe the best) Leo Messi had his blue-maroon colors and most players of the Spanish team that won the 2010 World Cup were raised in possibly the best football school in the world : La Masia. This is the name given to the training facilities of FC Barcelona, next to the Camp Nou.

You can visit the Stadium and the FC Barcelona Museum with all the “cups”exposed there and of course shopping at the Official FC Barcelona Store and buy the last shirt designed for the next season. Definitely, you need a Taxi Barcelona to visit comfortably the FC Barcelona Stadium.

There’s a main and emblematic place to go by Taxi Barcelona MR if you want to spend a day outside the city.

A trip to Montserrat Abbey is a mystical experience unforgettable. Even the Nazis tried to explore the mountain and the monastery (though the abbot was not allowed in), knowing that guarding the Holy Grail. You can see the museum of the monastery with the famous Black Madonna virgin and enjoy the mysterious atmosphere of the evening when the mist hides the mountain with the outside world.

Another interesting place to get by a Barcelona Taxi is the Circuit de Catalunya where the Formula 1 Races and Moto GP are celebrated.

An alternative less mystical but equally interesting for a day is a trip to Sitges, a small coastal town south of Barcelona. That was the epicentre of the artists and creators Rusiñol and an important gay meeting point in the dark years of Franco. It remains an intense and lively city, also known for his horror film festival, their beaches and the famous bars at the “sin street”.

Must we recommend you that this kind of tourism needs to go there at ease by a Taxi Barcelona MR?

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