How to get a Barcelona taxi

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In Barcelona and their municipalities the most common way to get a taxi at the street is by going toward the nearest taxi stop or by waving the hand to one of them when you see there is one arriving, and it’s free.

The most adequate places to get a Barcelona taxi at the street are the “chaflanes”, because cabdrivers cannot do any tight or sharp maneuvers to stop the car in places which a meaning of danger for circulating could be present.

How to get a Barcelona taxi

There is a network of 262 Barcelona taxi stops in the metropolitan area: 202 at the city and others spread at the municipalities.
At Barcelona taxi stops you can choose the cab you prefer to receive the service depending on their conditions and facilities, aside from a turn system which works as a guarantee for fluidness of services in very demanding times of the day.
Similarly you can call the Barcelona taxi by telephone through any of the 23 radio-taxis transmitter which operates in the metropolitan area in Barcelona. The taxi will arrive at the collecting place with the taximeter on, although the amount will not exceed the minimal career. The Barcelona taxi will arrive at once!  In the same way you can get an advance booking to Barcelona taxi via online.
The Barcelona taxi service bears urban fees which apply yearly, and they are strictly fulfilled for all cabdrivers. Every Barcelona taxi has glued in back windows those fees, so you will not have to fear being overcharged in any travel. Also, the Barcelona taxis are famous all over for being very confident and honest; with them you will not feel insecure or like a stranger in the city of Barcelona.
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