If you’re travelling to Barcelona read these 8 Secrets to Successful Flying With A Young Child

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With a young kid is not easy for families travelling to Barcelona.

Get these 8 tips to get succeed when flying and travelling to Barcelona and having a great time.

When traveling with a young child by air, it pays to have some tricks up your sleeve. You don’t want to be that parent that every other traveler is trying to avoid, you want to be the parent that everyone is raving about because your child was so quiet they almost forgot he or she was on board. 
Start Small
Start by going shorter distances or shorter flights. Your child will get used to the shorter flights and learn to behave sooner. You may wish to break your trip up a bit more or plan a flight with a few plane changes to help with this trick. While between flights, let the child play and explore just keep a very close eye on them.
Successful timing is all about knowing the best time to fly with your child. If you have a longer flight that is for example over 2 hours, choose nap times or close to bed times for the easiest flight times for children under 3 years of age. 
Many parents choose to be seated more toward the back of the plane. This works excellent for nursing mothers and young children that need to use the restroom a lot. A nursing mother will have more privacy and takeoffs and landings may be a bit easier.
If the child is old enough to eat snacks, bring some non messy snacks. Fruit chews, pretzels, crackers etc. all make great snacks to keep a child busy for a few minutes.
Pack a favorite movie or video for your child and bring a small device to play them on. Some children will become very focussed on such things and this could entertain them for a while. Consider other ways to entertain them as well such as play doh (works well if they have their own seat and can use the tray in front of them), coloring book and crayons, picture books, a few smaller toys etc. Keep all of these items hidden until the flight so the child will be excited to see the choices.
Although many prefer not to utilize medications, some children easily get air sick. Consider some anti nausea medication if needed and remember that these medications often cause drowsiness. Ask your doctor which medications are best for your child if your child is prone to motion sickness.
Pack Extras
Pack extra clothes for your child and at least an extra shirt for mom and dad. It’s always wise to err on the side of caution in case juice is spilled, a diaper blow out or the child gets sick on you. At least you can have a fresh shirt to wear. Try to change diapers between flights so you can use a larger restroom than those on planes. While this isn’t always an option, it’s worth the effort.
Pack Light
Pack plenty of patience for adults. Pack light so that if you need to carry the child you can still haul your carry on bags. If you won’t need it in on the plane, check the bag. Once you get to luggage claim you can rent a Taxi in Barcelona.
Get a Barcelona taxi is the easiest and more comfortable way to get the city. Taxis in Barcelona are cheaper that main cities in Europe and if you count everything then you’ll discover that going by bus or train will end you at the same fare if you take taxis in Barcelona to the city centre, you know what I mean if you’ve got to multiply for 4 or five people.
Enjoy your travelling to Barcelona.

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