Taxis in Barcelona lead you to visiting the most emblematic works of Gaudí.

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The most comfortable and easy wey to get The Sacred Family is by Taxis in BarcelonaVacation in Barcelona without visiting the architectural work of Antoni Gaudí, it is like to go to London and not to visit Big Ben. The most comfortable and easy way is by Taxis in Barcelona.

This is a resumes of what you find in the work of Antoni Gaudi.
The intense colourss, the curvilinear forms, the statuesque frontages and the evocative spaces that Antoni Gaudí (1852 – 1926) created in Barcelona have the personality of a city of fascinating imagination. Gaudí was saying that a work of art has to be seductive and universal. And this way it is the trace that stopped in Barcelona.

In this article we continue the steps of the fantastic architect along the city of a count, from his most emblematic works up to the most surprising and unknown. Houses, churches, parks and palaces, but also urban furniture, design of furniture and restaurants of Barcelona have the mark Gaudí. Only it is necessary to plan a route and to be allowed to seduce.

The Gaudí designer.
The Catalan architect dedicated a very important part of his creativity to the design. Fences and grills of wrought iron, shop windows, ceramics and all kinds of furniture of modernist character join the fecund imagination of the artist.

For a few decades, Gaudí has been claimed as one of the best designers of last times. His forms and colours, as in his houses, are inspired in the nature.
First it realized mock-ups with clay and plaster, perfectly malleable. That’s why his furniture have this elastic aspect that the surrealistic painter Salvador Dalí defined as “eatable”.

The Sacred Family Barcelona.
The expiatory temple of The Sacred Family is the most visited building of Barcelona, an inconceivable city without this big work. But much next to the building, to few meters, one hides the most unknown Gaudí.

Of all the works of Gaudí in Barcelona, the Sacred Family represents better than no artistic conception of his author, a “entire” architecture, where there come together structure, decoration, symbolism, mysticism and nature.

At the end of the XIXth century Gaudí took the lead a project of neo-Gothic approach already begun. He changed completely to devise a very complex structure of exuberant ornamentation and clear religious commitment.

In 1926 a tramcar ended his life, leaving the Sagrada Familia  unfinished. Still continue the works that the architect was devoted in body and soul.

School of The Sacred Family.
Located at few meters from the temple, this unknown gem of Gaudí can be visited with the same ticket that the acquired to the Sagrada Familia. This modern work excited to the mythical Le Corbusier by its originality and modernity. It’s a small building of a single nave featuring an undulating roof and brick façade.
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