Why We Should Travel to Barcelona

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This was one of the questions we asked ourselves, why we should travel to Barcelona or anywhere else?

Image via Flickr

Image via Flickr

Where in the world is it that you want to travel the most? The world is such a big place and there are so many options about where a person go that sometimes I think it is a bit overwhelming to pick what the dictation of your dreams really is. For example I could happily go sailing across the ocean to Europe and spend a week in the Mediterranean and travel to Barcelona. That would be absolutely wonderful vacation.

With that said I could just as easily fly to Asia and spend a couple weeks playing on the beaches of Thailand.

I guess you could say that I think saying vacation of a lifetime is a bit of a misnomer because for me there is no single vacation that would be a defining moment in my life. In fact I don’t ever plan to travel and I don’t think you should either.

Traveling gives you the ability to see the world in new and fresh ways that otherwise would never have the chance to see. It allows you to experience new cultures and new ways of thinking that we would never have been exposed to if you only stay within the boundaries of your home country. Traveling, I don’t think it would be a stretch to say, brings the world together in one of the most positive ways possible. The more we travel around the world the more we understand each other. I would argue pretty strongly that it is through this cultural exchange that the world will be changed for the better.

That’s what I felt when I travelled to Barcelona and you can feel everywhere in the world.

Now when you do find yourself traveling the trees there are definitely some things that you need to. As much as I would like to say that everyone around the world is just wonderful and that you don’t need to worry about anything. That just isn’t the case. When you’re traveling there are definitely some things you need to to my and I was in the first one is that you need to keep your valuables safe.

Some people will either want to keep all of the files on them for they will decide that they are best In the room’s safe. The truth is actually little bit different because not all safes that are in a hotel room or actually secure and in fact keeping all of revivals on a person is a terrible idea because it makes you one large one target.

Instead consider spreading your valuables out. Keeps on your person, keep some in the room safe, and keep some locked away hidden in your luggage back.

When I say locked away in a luggage bag I mean that literally. You should go out and get a very good lock that has been approved by the TSA for use on luggage. Doing so is one of the best ways to prevent theft of your personal belongings, especially any extra money that you have. Put a handful of dollars into the room safe as a diversion.

We’ll continue talking about travelling and specially in to travelling to Barcelona – Spain.

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